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All Executive Mediators are formally trained in the mediation process, and skilled in the use of mediation tools and techniques. What uniquely distinguishes them is the depth and breadth of their real-world experience in business and commerce and in the professions.

Our mediators cover the full range of business activities and functions: design, manufacture, wholesale, distribution, delivery, storage, inventory, retailing, marketing, sales, resource and personnel management, corporate governance, security, and trade associations. They also cover a wide variety of products and services, including information technology, banking, apparel, wood products, food services, packaging, security, finance and investment, corporate matters, telecommunications, and construction.

All Executive Mediators are fluent in English, and among them are fluent in Arabic, Dutch, French, German and Spanish, and with established associates conduct mediations in Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese and Thai.

Other mediation service providers claim expertise of their mediators in various business specialties. In most instances their mediators are lawyers and former judges knowledgeable about the law relating to a given business specialty, but with no direct experience in the business. They can help evaluate the strength of a case to be submitted to a lay court for decision, but lack the background and experience to participate with business parties in creatively resolving disputes and facilitating deals.

Judicial systems are moving in the direction of establishing special business courts presided over by judges with business education and experience, in recognition of the fact that most judges lack such background and are therefore not adequately equipped to decide business disputes. Lack of business credentials is an even more severe impediment in a mediator who must be able to understand and effectively communicate with the business parties, and work with them to fashion fair and reasonable and creative closure of their dispute or deal. All Executive Mediators are exceptionally well qualified and skilled in all these respects.

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